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Friday, January 20, 2012

taking my own advice | St. Petersburg, Florida Photographer

i'm great at giving out orders,
says my husband.
i'm great at making elaborate plans
when it comes time to take action
i often procrastinate.

but this year will be different, i say!
(with a dramatic fist pump)

i tell my lovely clients all the time,
do something with those digital images!
if you're investing in a photographer
and purchasing digital files
please for the love of pete
don't let them rot on your computer.
get an amazing album and look through it often,
pick a bright & bold organic bloom frame 
and you have an instant focal point in your living room,
or go the classic route and order a big, beautiful canvas.

so guess what arrived a couple of days ago?
it felt like christmas circa 1987 
(i was five for you mathletes).

two big, beautiful canvases.

one of them (not pictured) hangs in my bedroom.
it's of the very first time kyle and i saw finn.
it brings me more joy than i can tell you.

this one goes in the boys' room.
i'm totally smitten.
it's a photo a snapped on our first night home
as a family of four.
can you see the gorgeous texture?
i. love. canvas.

i'd only change one thing...
16x20 wasn't big enough.

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  1. Love it!!!! You'd be so proud, I make photo books for each kid each year and have pictures EVERY WHERE! ;) LOVE pictures! Love yours even more!


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