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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mommas! How to look your best in your family photos | St. Pete, FL Family Photographer

let's be honest-
being photographed is tough.
no matter how good the photographer is at making you feel relaxed,
the first 15 minutes of a session is often spent feeling stiff and uncomfortable.

how many times has a negative opinion of yourself factored into what photos you select from your session or even what photos you display in your house?
i'm with you. 
in fact, i'd argue that because i'm most comfortable behind the lens
that when i'm in front of the camera
i automatically resort to this awful, nervous smile
that does my face no justice
and almost always guarantees a double chin.
not exactly what i want to remember about that moment.
being at ease when a stranger is pointing a giant camera in your face is tough.
here are 5 things you can do to look great in photos
because as my clients know,
i urge you mommas to be in the photos.
you'll regret it if you're not 
your children will thank you for it.

1. choose your outfit first.
your kiddos & your husband will most likely look great and feel comfortable in anything you pick out for them. choose your outfit first and then plan theirs around you! as mothers, we all to often save ourselves for last. don't do it when it comes to your family photos. choose a color and style that looks good on you, flatters your shape and looks like something you'd normally wear. 

2. spill the beans to your photographer.
if your hips are not your favorite feature or you think your shoulders are too broad, tell your photographer. they can help. i promise, once you tell your photographer your concerns, they'll do their best to highlight your best features and creatively conceal the ones that make you uncomfortable. 

3. make a stop at your hair stylist.
don't make any drastic changes but a quick blowout before the session can do wonders for self confidence and make you feel put together. treat yourself to an hour of pampering and scratch fighting with your hair off your to do list. if you've got a great makeup artist at the salon, have them help you too. a natural look is highly recommended. aim to look like the best version of yourself.

4. look to the stars.
it's their job to look good in front of a camera. spend fifteen minutes googling your favorite celebrity and look for photos where they look the most relaxed. please, for the love of pete, don't arrive to your family session and stand in every photo with one foot in front of the other with one hand on your hip. maybe it will make your arms look thinner but it also makes you look stiff and awkward. 

5. when you're viewing the proofs, focus on the emotion. 
this is probably the best advice i can give. when i'm photographing a family, my number one goal is to provide them with photos that bring them back to that moment in time. instead of wishing you were thinner or taller- force yourself to see what's really there, the passion, the love and the joy. 

in all honesty,
those are the only things that the rest of the world sees.
am i right?

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