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Sunday, March 11, 2012

the weekend wrap up

here's a few of my favorite stops
around the ol' www...

gorgeous. green. and functional.

i've been drawn to all things navy lately. and i'm thinking of doing a 
'use what you've got + some new throw pillows makeover'.

she's always been one of my favorites
but i think she may have outdone herself with her latest maternity session.

warning: grab the tissues.
this momma is battling cancer and you can read all about her 'choose joy' campaign
on her blog. she's that little dose of inspiration & perspective we all need. 
plus, she's super creative and designs kids clothing.

i kind of have a thing for buying really old, ugly stuff off of craig's list,
partially sanding it and then either stuffing it into the garage or throwing a sheet over it
before i eventually donate it.
this company could save my marriage.

and this video if you haven't seen it already.
it's about 30 minutes long, fyi.
but worth it.
i've read the criticism and support of this cause
but i don't think awareness can ever be bad.
remember kids, knowledge is power.

and since no post is complete without a couple of photos
here are some of my little men
from our sleepy, stuffy, sniffly weekend.

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