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Sunday, March 18, 2012

weekend wrap up.

so can you guess what we did this weekend?
well. suffice it to say that we made dreams come true.
and i don't say that lightly.
he was over the moon happy.

here's a list of both the awkward & awesome things that happened during our adventures.

:: awkward ::

cobe pretending to pee in the middle of walgreens. sounds effects and all. total boy. total. boy.

not celebrating our irish-ness this st. patty's day but instead picking up mexican.

the woman next to us on the train, pointing to the woods we drove past and asking her daughter five hundred times if she could see charlie. i still don't know who charlie is or why he would be in those woods.

:: awesome ::

kyle cleaning up cobe's toys and saying cobe, do you want to help daddy clean up your toys?
cobe lying spread eagle on the floor eating a cookie and saying 
nope. you're doing a good job, daddy.

moving finn out of the carrier car seat & into a big one which makes him look little. he's no where near little so i'll take any optical illusions i can get.

scoring a little tykes tug boat sandbox at a garage sale. (thanks, phoebe!)

shooting two rolls of film and loving the results.

delivering an organic bloom framed print to henry's mom & having her tear up. 
that makes me love what i do more than anything else.

and to cap it off...

an adorable little girl staring kyle down would have made the awkward list
but when we found out that kyle looks like her daddy who has been deployed for the last four months
it became a dose of perspective. 

hope you all had a great weekend too.
and cheers to a good week.

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  1. Oh my gosh, the deployed father made me choke up. I seriously don't know how military families do it. Sounds like a great weekend!!!


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