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i'm stacia. i'm a photographer located on the west coast of florida and i specialize in lifestyle, family portraiture. here you'll find a modge podge of my most recent work, personal projects and guest appearances by the cast of characters i call my family. my portfolio can be found at www.staciahehenberger.com

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

central avenue project | st. petersburg photographer

i've begun a personal project
that forces me to think outside my photographic box,
look through my lens at things i wouldn't normally look at it
and will ultimately, i believe, make me a better photographer.

i've chosen to walk the length of central avenue in st. petersburg
and capture the life that dwells there.
any of you who know central know that it's a world in and of itself.
it changes, often, from one block to the next-
how incredibly fascinating.

for this set, i brought little momma.
(it was our second date. the first was a flop.)

camera: mamiya 645
film: acros 100

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  1. The one with the hallway/walkway shooting outside with the gates and windows is to die for.


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