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Monday, October 15, 2012

a pumpkin patch of sorts | st. pete fl photography

every october since i've had my babies
i long for fields of pumpkins,
still rooted and leafy.
i long for traipsing with dirt-caked shoes
and finding the perfect pumpkin.
and apple picking, yes! apple picking.
although i've heard it's not as glamourous as i imagine it to be.
there's no such thing in florida.
our sunshiny heat and fall-ish 87 degrees isn't conducive to growing pumpkins
or at least not vast fields of them
sprinkled with families in flannel and boots-
which is what i dreamed about.

so i googled pumpkin patch + farm
and this is what i got...
a little more carnival than farm for my pumpkin patch filled vision
but it did have its charms and one barn
and the kids had fun
which really,
is all that matters, isn't it?

and yes, to answer your question, i did coordinate our outfits just that way.
yes, i'm that good.
yes, i'm that much of a control freak.
and yes, i'm a total liar.
for the record, i happen to prefer a little uncoordination.
i also happen to prefer tractors not appearing to come out of people's heads in photos
but this was a rare photo op by a kind stranger and i'm also not that much of a control freak
to give the poor woman an hour long photography dissertation-
just 45 minutes.
it was more like 15.

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