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i'm stacia. i'm a photographer located on the west coast of florida and i specialize in lifestyle, family portraiture. here you'll find a modge podge of my most recent work, personal projects and guest appearances by the cast of characters i call my family. my portfolio can be found at www.staciahehenberger.com

Sunday, October 14, 2012

take ten week 1 finn | st. petersburg fl photographer

as a photographer, i've found myself influenced by blogs, websites, facebook.
i've bounced between styles, felt disconnected to my own work
and ultimately wondered why i should even bother picking up my camera anymore.
but i continued to press the shutter, i even started shooting film.
for me, film has been a great exercise in the art of photography.
it forces me to stop. to compose and think through my images.
i have found the artist in myself
and that feels amazing.

you may have noticed more personal work on this blog
and that's simply because i've been shooting more for myself.
shooting more because i love to shoot, not because i'm being commissioned to do it. 
so with that, i'm introducing a new personal project starring my favorite subjects.

personal project | take ten

take ten is a weekly, photo-storytelling project. it chronicles 10 random minutes in the life of cobe and finn. the goal is to capture them authentically. i will give them little direction and will do my utmost to avoid any 'cheese' poses. after one year, i will create an album of the images that will tell, what i hope to be an amazing story.

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