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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

an election night letter to the boys...

my dearest cobe & finn,

yesterday, another monumental day in our country's history rushed past us. your dad and i did our research, reflected on our own values & beliefs, and thought a lot about you two as we made our way to the voting polls to cast our votes for the next president. 

as i sat there watching the electoral votes roll in, i was nervous. not nervous for my candidate of choice to win or lose but nervous for the mindset that our country is in. we are so harshly divided. i've seen it on a grand level and i've seen it on an intimate level in the form of angry words and mud slinging among friends & family. it has no place. discussions about differing opinions, yes! sharing beliefs with open minds, without the expectation of imprinting your belief on someone else, please! passion and informed soapbox speeches void of generalizations & name calling, definitely! let's listen and understand that our country is incredible because of the differences of it's people. let's learn from each other. it's how progress it achieved. let's have meetings of the minds around our dinner table. let's talk about solutions and positive, forward motion. politics is long overdue for an overhaul. i hope it begins before you notice the toxicity.

we had our own election the night of the big one. we just told you your choices, handed you the chalk and let you decide. cobe, you chose Governor Romney. finn, you chose President Obama. your dad and i gave a big cheer for both of you, snapped a photo and celebrated with cupcakes.

we can't control what other people do or say but we can take some notes from your grandparents. we promise to teach you how we make our decisions about which candidate we choose and then let you make your own. and we'll be proud as heck of you for it. we promise to listen to what's important to you, period. no convincing you otherwise, no telling you something else is more important. we promise to always tell you the truth, share with you what we know and admit when we don't have the answer to something. and until you're old enough to have a D.C. worthy voice, we will make decisions that we feel are in your best interest. pinky swear.

we love you so very much.

p.s. friends, i promise to keep my blog & all other photography related sites party neutral. double pinky swear :-)

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  1. Very well put, I will definitely follow this example for my children
    Thank you


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