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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

i am no magician.

at sessions, parents always tell me what a difficult time they have taking pictures of their kids. 
or they apologize when their kiddos aren't into it.
i always remind them that i have two boys of my own who have a camera shoved in their face 90% of the time and i still have our family photos taken by a professional photographer every year.
i am not a magician.
and for those parents who maybe didn't believe me, here ya go.
my very best attempt at pictures in front of the tree.

i am slowly and rapidly
learning to accept that nothing is easy with a one and three year old.
not eating a meal
not going to the bathroom
certainly not going to the store
and most definitely not decorating a christmas tree.

boys please, for momma, take a photo in front of the tree.
oh, finn. my little turkey, thank you for smiling so big. cobe, would you please for just one minute look at the camera. no cheesing. just love on your brother.

cobe! no! you're hurting him! we don't grab finn by his neck! now hug him and look at the camera for crying out loud! (it just became not fun for all of us).

cobe! just let go of him. nevermind.

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