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i'm stacia. i'm a photographer located on the west coast of florida and i specialize in lifestyle, family portraiture. here you'll find a modge podge of my most recent work, personal projects and guest appearances by the cast of characters i call my family. my portfolio can be found at www.staciahehenberger.com

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

take ten | cobe + finn

there are days when i can't wait to get home to my boys.
as in, i physically ache to get my hands on them
like an arthritic knee before a storm.
most days are like that.
today was one of them.
i called ahead to get a reading.
napped? check. snacked? check.
we had to make a stop at the grocery store before heading home
and i needed to know what kind of trip i should expect.
the forecast looked good.

and then the downpour began.
and it didn't stop.
it's still going, actually. even as i type.
but they're safe in bed with blankets, books and half-full bellies (their choice, not ours).

it's days like this when i need my camera most.

at the end of a long day,
these photographs give me something to hang my hat on.
or rather my raincoat.

personal project | take ten
take ten is a weekly, photo-storytelling project. it chronicles 10 random minutes in the life of cobe and finn. the goal is to capture them authentically. i will give them little direction and will do my utmost to avoid any 'cheese' poses. after one year, i will create an album of the images that will tell, what i hope to be an amazing story.

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