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Monday, January 14, 2013

picking wildflowers | stacia hehenberger photography

 they both pick me flowers. 
and they do it often.
and if it's not flowers, it a treasure of some kind
a feather
or special rock or leaf.
each one chosen especially for me.

cobe is particular. 
flowers have to have a certain number of petals.
feathers have to be float worthy.
he evaluates his choices and thinks it through.
choosing is a big deal.

so when he finds
the one
i summon up my inner three year old
and try and match his joy.
and i thank him over & over
 for finding me the perfect treasure.

finn is different.
he's all instinct.
he doesn't crouch down low to inspect. he gives the ground a once over until he spots it.

his flowers generally are rough around the edges,
and a little beat up by the time they make it to me.

and the joy for him is in the finding, not so much the giving.
although i never have to ask...
when he's loved his little treasure to pieces, 
he proudly walks it over and places it tenderly in my hands.

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