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Friday, January 4, 2013

Portraits in the Park: The R Family | St. Petersburg Family Photography

portraits in the park 
was a seed planted by my dearest friend, tai nguyen of tywynnphoto.com.
after the sandyhook tragedy, all i could think about was how i hoped with all my heart
that those families had more photos than they knew what to do with of their loved ones lost.
and then tai called.
he said, do you have plans on the 30th?
and i said, no.
and from there we brainstormed and planned and networked and frankly,
worked our tails off.
and what we ended up with was incredible.
one park filled with moss dripping oaks and bathed in light,
35 families, most of whom had never had family pictures taken,
a handful of kindred spirits who motivated us, fed us and helped the event run smoothly.
and tai & i, two photographers who spent the coldest day in fl, probably all year
photographing some of the most beautiful people in our community. 

here are a few of my favorites from the R family.
they bravely arrived the earliest (aka coldest) and didn't peep about it once.
and dad had even been up for 14+ hours after working all night!
and you know what that means,
mom had been flying solo all night and morning.

p.s. my favorite of the bunch is the top right. 

happy new year R family!
thank you for braving the cold with me. it was an honor to meet you.

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